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Kids in Vegetable Farm


Who we Are:
PepperMint Transit offers non-emergency transportation services to school age children. We are not an on demand service. This means that all transportation services are scheduled in advance, even if you only use us one time. With private and shared services, you are sure to find a service plan that works for you. Our drivers are not only transporters, they are also caregivers which is what we pride ourselves on. This service is designed to fill the gaps of long work hours and short school hours. PepperMint Transit follows the school district calendar including school closings. Schedules outside of this calendar will have different rates as drivers availability is limited. Please contact us for pricing on non-peak scheduling. 

PepperMint Transit subcontracts with drivers in the community that helps transport using their personal vehicles. We require a background check, fingerprint check, insurance verification, drivers record and a professional demeanor. All drivers that contract with PepperMint Transit will be provided with a photo ID badge and a window decal visible to families. PepperMint Transit will always set up the meet and greet with the families. 

As a specialty service, pricing will vary depending on destination, mileage and the CareGiver's time. Not only are we CareGiver's, we enjoy connecting families and watching new friendships develop!

Registration is required in order to use our services. We want to make sure that your child(ren) are cared for properly. This includes knowing more about them in order to understand how our CareGivers respond to their needs, whom to contact for emergencies, how to respond to certain behaviors and other important elements that would be helpful during thier time with us.

***PepperMint Transit makes every effort to assign drivers to the right families, however, we do not guarantee a driver will be located for your family. Drivers are sub-contractors, whom use their personal vehicles to transport our families. We match families based on the availability of the driver***

** Text us for pricing 918-928-2997 or email at
for a quote**

Kids in Vegetable Farm

One Way Transportation

Here For You

PepperMint Transit provides one way services for pick up or drop off only. Convenient  for families with part time schedules. Just need us on Mon, Wed and Fri for soccer practices? No problem, our one way services is perfect!

Little League Baseball Game
Kids in Vegetable Farm

Roundtrip Transportation

A Perfect Fit

PepperMint Transit provides round-trip transportation for pick up and drop off services. Have smaller children who attends child care before and after school, Mon to Fri? No problem, we cover that too!

Child Model
Kids in Vegetable Farm

Daily Transportation

What You Need

PepperMint Transit provides daily transportation for the convenience of families with emergencies. For example, if parents are working late and unable to pick up on time or if provider is ill and child needs to be transported to a family or neighbor for the day. Yep, we do that too!

Children in School Bus
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