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Road Rules

Driver Rules & Expectations


1. Drivers will wait up to 3 minutes for a rider at the time of pickup.  If a rider is not out by that time, the driver must proceed to the next family on their route.

2. Riders will not be unattended in the vehicle at anytime, for any reason – there will always be a supervising adult present approved by the company.

3. Drivers will not make any unscheduled stops with riders present.

4. Drivers will not pick up any additional riders while driving PEP riders, unless there is a specific agreement between PEP and the caregiver.

5. Drivers will not talk on their cell phone when driving PEP riders to and from their destination.

6. Drivers will not offer riders any food, drinks, gum, gifts, etc; or allow them to eat or drink in the vehicle.

7. If riders are acting out in an aggressive or unsafe manner (verbally or physically), the driver will pull the vehicle over, where appropriate, until riders once again act in a safe, responsible manner.

8. If the unsafe behavior continues, the driver will contact dispatch and call parents for assistance or pickup.

9. Drivers will immediately (verbally) report all misbehavior to PEP staff when s/he arrives at PEP, or by phone while driving riders home; and will follow-up by writing a formal report to be forwarded to PEP within 24 hours of the incident.

10. Drivers will not “hold” any personal property of any kind of the riders.  Any property left in the vehicle will need to be reported to PEP immediately.

Rider Rules & Expectations


Road Rules:

1. Follow instructions of the driver to assist with where you will sit.

2. Remain seated during the ride, wear your seat belt and face forward.

3. Keep hands, heads, arms and legs inside the vehicle.

4. Never play with handles, windows or any emergency supply kits.

5. Never throw or pass around any object(s).

6. Never carry on live animals of any kind.

7. Only carry on items that can easily be held in your lap.

8. No eating or drinking.

 9. No food or drinks (unless you have received specific permission from PEP Administration).

10. Do not accept any items from the driver – food, drinks, gum, gifts, etc.

11. Interact positively with peers; and use appropriate voice tone, volume and language. 

12. No vandalism of the vehicle or anyone’s property.

13. Cell phones are allowed. Riders should consider wearing head phones when listening to music to avoid distracting the driver and other riders.

14. No exchanging, trading or borrowing of any items – all riders will be responsible for their own personal belongings.

15. Respect everyone’s (driver and riders) personal space, and their right to a peaceful ride – no arguing, profanity, obscene gestures, bullying, antagonizing, horseplay, or fighting.

16. No weapons of any kind. 

17. No hazardous materials or nuisance items (laser lights, etc.).

18. No cameras or any electronic devices where the internet can be accessed.

19. No tobacco products, drugs, alcohol or any other controlled substance.

20. Please contact us to approve medications that may need to be administered by the driver.

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